Park Regency, Assisted Living Update

Assisted Living Update

Park Regency Loveland, Colorado,

The finest Assisted Living Apartments in Northern Colorado

Open since September 2008


Park Regency managers have done a calculation based on the appraised value that was used for the current HUD financing application, and another calculation based on what we believe the true value is of our investment if we were to accept a market offer for purchase.


Although we have considered unsolicited offers, we co not anticipate selling the property in the near future.  Our investment has done very well, and has grown in value and continues to do so.


If we sold the property at the lowest value, a 174% return would be realized, in addition to the amount already received.  The total return jumps significantly if we were to have an offer at a more aggressive price, for which the property is truly worth.


Park Regency pays an annual dividend plus our asset grows in value.  Assisted Living Centers are only becoming more and more in demand, as the hump in the demographic snake comes our way.  The fact that for the last year Park Regency stays approximately 97% full (way above the national and state averages, only makes it more valuable.


We are excited about building another Assisted Living complex in Thornton, Colorado, because we “see” the value in our current investment and therefore see the value in creating another one of equal or greater value.


Of you agree, please contact




Thank you,


The Managers of Park Regency, Loveland

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